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Customer Service

Friday 19th October & Saturday 20th October
Meal 7.30pm followed by a one-act play
Tables seat 8 people

Box Office opens 30th September: 01689 831187
Tickets will also be on sale after church services
on 30th September, 7th & 14th October

 This one-act play is set in the Customer Service section of a large department store where a constant stream of customers pass through, exasperating and confusing the store staff on their way.

Reviewed by a Contented Customer

MAD Customer Service - StageI can remember 'Are you being served?' and 'Open all hours' - the shop has been used for many a comedy sitcom. We had the benefit of sitting in the department store restaurant and being fed with food for which there was no cause for complaint! Good job given the queue of people who seem to have nothing better to do in life than bring their troubles fo the poor staff in the front line of Customer Service. What rate of pay are they on? Are these customers really serious in expecting to get their money back? Can we believe their stories? What really is going on here?

The evening was fun with good food and conversation, well prepared and served. The stage set took us into the world of retail and each of the performers in turn brought their cameos (and much else besides!) to the one act play. Any relation to Orpington High Street? or people's experience of shopping? - from the reaction of the audience either people have been behind someone in a queue who they saw on stage or they heard themselves in the script! There were plenty of chuckles and groans and outbursts of applause. I know that there are often big mirrors in Department Stores to look at yourself in, but this story took it to a new level.

MAD Customer Service - Shopper

The plot thickens and we are all getting duped. My sympathies are still with the staff! Well done to everyone who  made the evening a great success. Not sure if I've got the courage to take back that little carrier bag, the contents of which were promised to bring some romance back into marriage! It would just be my luck to end up looking after Tiffany!

Yes, the long-suffering staff deserve a holiday, our generation will go down in history as being people who can't get enough shopping and the maxim 'the customer is always right' - well that's another story!                                         MAD Customer Service - Shopper 2MAD Customer Service - Blind man                                        


Table 5. Friday night 

(Sorry I spilt the vegetable curry on the cloth) 




MAD Customer Service - Shoppers 3MAD Customer Service - Shopper 3MAD Customer Service - Clown


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