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VYP Annual May Walk

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VYP May Walk 2018

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The May Walk was one of the largest fund-raising activities undertaken in 1967 at the inception of VYP (Volunteer Youth Project). The event was so successful that it has now been held annually for 48 years (although it had to be cancelled in the year of the Foot and Mouth outbreak).

Over the past 15 years over 950 different walkers have participated - some have only walked once but many have walked regularly for years - indeed competition is strong each year as to who has the most bars on their spoon (everyone is presented with a wooden spoon on completing the first walk with bars being issued subsequently).  In that time in the region of  £110,000 has been raised.

The route for the walk has varied over the years - the first route began at the church and ended at Ide Hill and was 25 miles long.  The walk continued to finish at Ide Hill for many years but the logistics of getting the walkers home meant that a circular route finishing at the church was more practical: this circular route is now 30km in length. In 1999 the Mini Walk (10km) was introduced to encourage families to take part and just last year we added the Midi Walk (20km).

As you can imagine, the organisation of the walk is a major exercise involving the registration of the walkers, route checking, putting together a team of around 70-80 marshals to mark and man the route and provide everyone with food, drink, encouragement, and - when necessary - first aid, throughout the day.  Then there is the collection of the sponsor money including gift aid and the distribution of funds raised to the nominated cause.

We always hope the walk is an enjoyable event for the participants and feedback does suggest that most people enjoy the camaraderie and support throughout the day, despite sore feet and aching muscles.


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