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What VYP Means To Me

“Leading and working with the multinational team is the experience that keeps on giving and rewarding; from the aid we give the local communities we work in and with, to the individual participant's growth as a young adult.  Whoever you are, and wherever you're from, we all have so much in common; this is something so commonly forgotten that the Workcamp never fails to remind us of.”
Oliver, Work Camp Team Member and Leader

"Knowing that 1p per mile from my friends and relatives can add up to an awful lot of money."
Nicki - Workcamp Team Member and Walker

"Many great experiences had.  I have learnt key life skills through being involved in VYP Workcamps which are invaluable to me now."
Daniel - Workcamp Team Member & Walker

“A very important walk - mud up to my knees - Pizza Hut afterwards.”
Jamie  - youngest walker in 2003/4 at age 6 & 7

“Good Day - Sore Feet - Good Cause”
Chris - member of the largest extended family group of walkers for many years

“VYP has given me many opportunities to live and work (long and short term) in other countries with local people.  These experiences have given me more insight into different cultures and people than any holiday, TV programme or international day held at school. “
Mandy - Walker, VYP Team Member and Leader-Recipient of VYP Grants for World Scout Jamboree Thailand and Gap Year teaching in India

“Over the years we have seen how a Church Fun Day can create such life changing experiences.”
Fay & Malcolm, Walkers, VYP Committee Members - Malcolm  - Walk Organiser & Expedition Leader

“...the very first one.  Joyce Layen and I were asked to do a field near bacon running water...two single gaz burners...panic set in.  40 years later we cook in a more civilized manner, have more helpers, and enjoy seeing the children and grandchildren of those first walkers.  I love the walk and the memories it brings...”
Pat - Breakfast - bacon sandwich maker for over 40 years!!

"It's great fun and satisfying to know that I am a part of something...something very important.  Just as importantly, it helps me to fulfil my Guide promise - To love my God, to serve The Queen and my country and to help other people."  
Bob - Long serving member of the Walk Marshal Team

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