Wizard of Oz

February 2010

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Wow! “The Wizard . . .” was MAD’s 81st production (not a lot of people know that!) and Nic Parker is to be congratulated for maintaining MAD’s high standards.  She was most ably supported by a stage crew second to none (set, lighting, props, make-up, stage management, front of house, etc).  Particular mention has to be made of the imaginative costumes, from the Munchkin’s coloured tights (Matthew’s tutu was a nice touch) to the “posh frocks” of the good witches.  The animals too played their parts well – Toto (the dog), Peanuts (the guinea pig) and Sidney (the spider) – landing on the Lion’s head was a clever manoeuvre.

Dorothy (Eleanor Parkinson, seventeen on Saturday) had the unenviable task not only of opening the show alone on stage, but of having to sing as well, however she carried it off admirably (what a lovely clear voice).  While on the subject of singing, nearly everyone had to have a go and some hidden talents were revealed.  Dorothy was ably supported by Aunt Em (Carolyn Licence) as the redoubtable Kansas farmer’s wife.  The Scarecrow, Lion and Tinman (Gus Challener, Tracy Morgan and Glenn Crane respectively) took their supporting rôles well and once again their costumes were excellent. Elvis (Jon Cox) was a particularly good characterisation; I speak as one who remembers “the King” at the height of his powers; Jon was really convincing. Glinda and Letitia – “bless you” – (Alice Phillips and Georgie Challener) were winsomely decorous while Olga (Dawn Knight) was awesomely scary. The Wizard (Chris Parker), Chamberlain (Liz Weller), Doctor (Jane Scotting), Woodsman (James Parkinson) and Gatekeeper (Matt Parker) played what are relatively minor rôles excellently. The chorus of Munchkins, Villagers, Citizens and Flying Monkeys performed enthusiastically and were very well choreographed.  As usual Rob Gunn on the keyboard gave an inspired performance.  Regrettably I have not been able to mention all those involved by name, but “you all did very well” and we now look forward to “Out of Sight, out of Murder” in June.  Incidentally, did you notice the new curtains?
Kendal Snibdon


We rocked and rolled with laughter all the way to the Emerald City!  Congratulations MAD on an excellent, fun-filled Panto.
Ruth & Declan

Wiz was very good – I particularly liked ‘Elvis’ and the Lion who was very scary (not!). John (Petts Wood)

A superb production by MAD which we have come to expect, with particular praise for Dawn Knight as the Wicked Witch of the West who scared the pants off all of us.
Jim & Jessie and granddaughters Luisa & Sophie

It’s the Emerald City - time to make the tea!!  We loved the Wizard of Oz (with a twist) and to those of us who remember Elvis, who incidentally would have been 75 this year(!), Jon Cox’s portrayal was cool man.  It was also great to see so many young people involved who were obviously having a good time.  Wonderful entertainment for all the family. Thank you MAD. 
The Refreshments Team

What the “Wizard of Oz” WOZ NOT!   It WOZ NOT dreary or boring! It WOZ a magical and fun-filled night out with the adult audience having as much fun as the kids, all of us interacting with the very convincing cast.   We too were really scared of that frightening witch… she made sure we got a soaking!   Tony & Matthew

Is it fair to judge a performance on a dress rehearsal?  I had permission to go to the dress rehearsal and I was agreeably surprised at the standard achieved.  I found the script very funny, with many of the best lines delivered by Carlyn Licence as Aunt Em.  John Cox as Elvis was outstanding, he kept in character throughout the whole play.  All credit to Eleanor Parkinson as a Dorothy who could sing.  The kids were excellent, especially as the monkeys.  Congratulations to Vicki Moore for her choreography.  The Tin Man, Scarecrow and the lovely Lion were well cast, as was the scary Wicked Witch of theWest, also the Good Witches.  Congratulations to the Director, Nic Parker, for a very enjoyable play. 

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