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WHY ARE WE FUNDRAISING?     The church is a thriving centre for many activities and we want to build on this by developing the potential of the church buildings. We want to create a flexible space in the church and the opportunity to tell the story of our faith in exciting new ways.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?    OMC is embarking on a four year redevelopment project.
We intend to turn the worship space by 90 degrees and open up the wall into the concourse, making this a more open and welcoming space that will be comfortable for community organisations to meet in smaller groups, but also accommodate a parade service of over two hundred worshippers!  We will improve toilet facilities and coffee areas and make the church a prominent venue for exhibitions and concerts.

WHAT WILL THE CHURCH LOOK LIKE?     These two images show our vision for changeOMC future floor plan

OMC future look

WHAT WILL REDEVELOPMENT COST?      We want to raise £930,000, half of which we trust can be found through applications to various grant-making bodies. This leaves us with the challenge of raising £450,000 from within the church and community.   We are now over half way there. 

HOW CAN YOU HELP?     You can help by supporting our fundraising events. See our special fundraising pages in "The Link" for details.

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